I'm back


Hello, I'm back again with the script of this blog. Today is definitely an unforgettable day so I choose share it with all of you. I'm write from a remote location called Gran Canaria Isla (Spain). What is complete true that had been left to go to the beach with the most authentic people of the island, my neighbors of the village San Nicolas de Tolentino. Today is progressing in the mountains, more specifically a few meters from the north face of the Natural Reserve of Inagua. Once I have provisioned on the bio store with products that I like pick up for the excursion (banana desidratado, dates, corn pancakes, water with grapefruit and orange blossom and chocolate bio Organic) I'm driving by a paved road completely unknown for me. I stop just 6 km from the exit of the village landmark, why?, I see a green grove palm that awake in me the adrenaline to stop the car and keep walking. Therefore I put oneself a backpack and just before the beginning of the path, join me another adventurer to the route (Gabriel). The Green Zone discovers multiple pools & waterfalls through the creeks. Full already tucked in the slope, tells me that the climb up in the south face is more hard and also have there a features water areas. Gabriel decided return and I continue to rise a little more, always with the sound of the water that goes down without much intensity but I'm determined to camp next to the water. Once I have found the right place, I settled comfortably and I'm available to enjoy the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. The morning was sunny, in the middle of the day to weakly, in the afternoon rain to blow the wind and the night is totally in calm. It's time to scripture the revel again of the spectacles of the beauty nature of Gran Canaria, my beloved land and that I loved so much. Today I'm still have time to pray, to eat and drink, always grateful to be able to have energy by write from nature in my most absolute loneliness and with much affection wishing them the best of this world, says goodbye one more time, an peace to everybody, in the hope so ... blessings, counting!!