Since the last year we had been working in this new Trail Travel post, a digital communication chanel, where could show you the book in Spanish “Si hablo es or dinero”, therefore I’m so excited to present it for you NOW.

It’s a further step that fully represent company’s new position relative that we’re trying to offer, not only information, but also knowledge and emotion experience as usual. All of this to increase the bonding current audiences and, above all, to reach a new audiences.

A project that has been conceived and created under a weekly and permanent feeding work process. We’re giving voice to several territories and all the areas of knowledge and activity in Trail Travel, where all the territories are an essential part.

We have a big and little stories. We tall about day by day in Trail Travel through a million little stories in the format of an editorial product: spaces to tall about stories in a different way, through art, creativity and the new universe sound, the Trail Travel podcast in Spanish.

A new narrative and editorial system developed and elaborated from a reader perspective, and individually, that will give you the chance to choose the oportunity that what you want to read, how and where.

All editorial products have a call action and invite you to be part in our company explorer all any possibilities that we have: allied companies, or a beneficiary person who needs support or help.

For all of those who already read the magazine, now!, they’ll receive the digital book in spanish “Si hablo es por dinero” by email, with updates throughout the year, and those who only have a postal address in our Database will be receive a single shipment, but improved and more complete, "Magazine 4 - Physics" in the middle of the year, in May 2022. By the way we’ll strengthen their relationship and it’ll mean to the company a great cost saving and a environment benefit in the earth.

Si hablo es por dinero” represents a change not only in our positioning and communication, but also a change in the way that we work internally that it’s definitively consolidated with a new transversal work methodology, with the common goal to offer the best of us and what we do,  the society is welcome to be part of it.

A draw promotions is at stake, so I encourage you to subscribe quickly and share and invite all your contacts and friends, both professional and personal, so they discover through this that means energy communication, dynamism and essence that Trail Travel inspired.

I hope you enjoy it.

Big hug,

Jorge Larrosa Anaya

+34 645.090.010

Campus. C/Alcalá de Henares, 60, 35016

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain

Trail Travel have internal and confidential survey channel