Mocktails drinks are definitely on trend. People are more conscious of what they drink now, so it's a natural progression that people want to drink better. There are an increasing number of individuals speaking out againt the term "mocktail", and many alternatives names being used for these delightful drinks such as virgin cocktail, soft cocktail, non-alcoholic cocktail, zero-proof cocktail or alcohol-free cocktail. But all these names include an adjetive that implies the drink is some how weak or lacking. I propose that we call these stimulating beverages of diverse and distinct non-alcoholic ingredients something entirely new.

Spiritfree?. There is something light-hearted and international about the name spiritfree. It´s not holding back, nor is it being held back. Spiritfree means flavours deliciously mixed together. A spiritfree is a well-balanced, well-thought-out, non-alcoholic cocktail. Think about how the flavours work with food. Tend to use ingredients that have a culinary slant towards those that might turn up in our food dishes - like salt, shrubs, chillies, spices and herbs. We use light, delicate flavours to complement the food, rather than drinks that are too boozy, cloying, sweet or rich, ideal also for young childrens who are pleasantly surprised. Non-alcoholic and sugar free recipes ... learn new mixes, for all ages:

- Hendrick -
The marriage of two different spirits, by combining the two, an extraordinarily smooth drink is created that has the required character and balance of subtle flavours. Is infused with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers to give it distrinct flavour. Natural Indian tonic water, orange, guava, garnished and presentation with parsley.

- Whitley Neill -
Soft and rich, yet sharp with spice and citrus notes. Made with African botanicals including extracts from the Baobab tree, physalis fruit and orange juice. Natural light tonic water, garnished apricot, slice of lemon and a spring of thyme. 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augement nine berries, barks, seeds, peels, grapefruit & camomile flowers.

- Marylebone -
Used a combination of botanicals including juniper, lime Kaffir leaf, lemon balm, coriander clove, chamomile, grapefruit and pomegranate. Blended and smooth chopped jaggery infusion. Natural Indian Tonic Water, also garnished with pomegranate. High-speed Breville juicer and the result is a really creamy, cloud-like texture. We put it on a wood plate to elevate the experience. It´s the perfect serve.

- Loneworf -
Purity personified. Juniper berries, lemongrass and the lime wedges add character to this zest-filled Mocktail. Pink peppercorn and mace offer a perfect complement to the physalis fruit and berries. Blended and smooth chopped yogur. Garnished with lavender and pink grapefruit and slices of dragon ball fruit.

- Slingsby -
Harrogate aquifer water, and pure single grain spirit are infused with locally grown rhubarb to create a tart finish that rounds off the drink. The superior taste is the result of its ingredients including fresh Ginger Ale and citrus fruits garnished with pasion fruit, lemon and grapefruit peel. An exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting drink.

- Margarita -
Non-alcoholic and chilli: lime juice, chilli, star fruit juice and pop a ball bubbles passionfruit burst flavour. Mocktail version using ginger urban cordial and bee´s knees brut sparkling non alcoholic wine. Blended and smooth chopped coriander and pineapple. It´s refreshing, authentic and elegant.

- Piña Mojito -
Adding distinction and character of this classic cocktail, virgin mojito a refreshing for the designated driver. Little wonder really, is incredibly versatile. A fresh juice of lime is livened with bubbles from soda water, muddle the fresh bunch mint, pineapple, enriched and combined with coconut sugar and garnish also with spring mint leaves.

- Meadowsweet -
Add a drop of woody tincture to give it an extra bit of slick oiliness, to make juniper into spirit to get the desired effect. The botanicals react in water - all the woody notes from botanicals become much more prominent, uber focused on juniper, then balanced it out with strong coriander seeds as well as citrus peels. All the flavours in the case of red traditionally vermouth fallout from the grapes.

- Kombu -
Which is seaweed infused into water but the water has been distilled with chalk first. Seaweed adds saltiness and there´s roasted, smoked barley, which we infuse into water then make into a syrup. That´s probably the simplest of our non-alcoholic drinks to drink as it´s a borderline soda. The last one is Hazelnut which we make with a house apple bitters and burnt oats sugar.

- Garibaldi -
Add two ice cubes. Salted Rosemary Paloma with fluffy pink grapefruit juice and Perrier water, a Virgin Mary with cold-pressed vegetable juices, fennel salt and horseradish, and a Passionfruit Mule with passionfruit puree, lime, verjus and ginger. Add one more ice cube and serve on a white plate and garnish with an orange wedge resting on the rim.

- Hydrosol -
Mocktail created from organic plants and distilled with spring water. Include green tea and lemon balm (sweet Melissa). Distilled chalk for the dryness it brings to the drink that you get a lot of natural essential oils from the botanicals, so it has this mouthfeel of a spirit. It´s got this vanilla flavour; we redistill Cocchi and garnish with slices of lime.

- Mat Salleh -
Italian bitter Cynar of the amaro varieted poached apple cordial, yellow bell pepper juice. Stir ingredients over ice and top with a homemade calamansi soda. Blended and smooth chopped mango and coconut water. Garnish with leek stem, sprouts and spray with lemongrass ouzo. The recipe and preparation are fairly simple.

- Ramble & Run Fizz -
Add two ice cubes, blend with tea, coffee and cardanom. Rosso vermouth and Suze. Finally, we´ve got a twisted rhubarb and blood orange. Bringing an incredible depth, try it for yourself. Serve on a white plate and garnish with an orange wedge resting on the rim and a cherry. Top with soda, garnish with slices of lemon.

- Sixty five -
Rosso vermouth, seasonal beetroot cordial, rice vinager and a splash of soda water. A balanced drink with the right ingredients. Soft cocktail that´s growing day by day, with the characteristics of a green antioxidant juice, basically something you would like to drink after a light workout or a pleasant walk.

Cocktail culture has grown a lot. A lot of bartenders are finally teaching consumers about a good drinking culture and in this era where wellness has become an important part of life. Certain flavour as the base of the drink, with the remaining ingredients chosen to help complement and enhance that base. And as always, freshest homemade ingredients and juices. Not have alcohol for a variety of reasons (personal, religion, health, etc).

Take the wines off the menu, keep still available, replaced them with a non-alcoholic section instead. It´s very important to have options to cater for everyone. There´s much more of a demand for it!

Join the movement and spread the word !