Opinion Survey


Hello, I ask you for a couple of minutes to give me your opinion among other things about the effectiveness in teleworking tools. We all want to be together, with a clear goal that should be avoid "shitting our hands" ... sorry for the last expression. I would like to explain better.

I'm considered several alternatives, one of them keep writing in English. In other hand give some videoconference about how I'm dealing with much of cases that it happen in my live. Only I what to let's you know there’re something wrong, "I only speak if have money".

Now more seriously, I wanted to send this survey to all those couples and families who're separated in body, but not in heart.

Our wish is life together and that is why you’re also together as well, if you think it's a fundamental rule. We'll emprove a little more in communication skills, the situation that it’s taking place to us is searching for simplest solution.

In order to not stop in my efforts to keep looking for brands to the blockade that countless. Sometime people have encountered, with this survey then we'll be able to give a more humane cry of encouragement to don't be complete digitized.

You don't have to be very clever to find success in lovers protection ones it's an advantage, even more nowadays, if you want to see how much come true that way.

It is not like communicated more and better, do it the best and you'll avoid distractions, it's a lack of technological culture of the previous the World than we knew, just been baptized as "The Great Seclusion" by the IMF, after the historical drop in GDP by 8% In our country.

For this we recommend taking a mission and going for it, improving relationships with our loved ones, that is being positive, it works well for us, that help as an example.

More work, less complications, more concentration, more confidence, in short, more union, brainstorming mode.

In this anonymous survey, we show the key questions so that you can take the definitive path towards teleworking in a simple way.

From Trail Travel we believe less effective to send only the CV, instead to spend a moment doing the survey.

Access through the following link. It’s anonymous.

With all the opinions there is a diagnosis of what we do together, learn and project ourselves in future situations.

Be dynamic and always choose both options.

Thank you very much for be part in survey process and in the day by day in which we're immersed. We want to understand how you feel and how much you're facing professional challenges along this time of change.