Powerful people

It is not our purpose to spend too much time on this particular order of Freemasonry, or the Illuminati. But we do want to spend enough time so that you understand how it worked, what its purposes were and how it affects the world societies, because it is still with us today. It has taken on different forms, in different countries, but is still basically the secret ruling power in the world today.

Now, perhaps, some of you are aware of this material right now, and maybe you are not. We now know that there has been some sort of a manipulation of our government, our money, our institutions, and our lives, by our government. But what we don't realize is that there is a covert agenda. There is a method to the "madness."

We want to concertedly look into these secret movements of the world and understand how they affect us and our private lives. Now, we may not think they affect us on our private level, but they do. They affect your children in school, they affect what your children learn, they affect what you learn from daily and nightly television. There have been many movies discussing this publicly.

We understand now that the whole concept of a new world order is a revolutionary idea developed out of Freemasonry. The point is, what we are being told is controlled. Controlled information. And the New world Order idea is now starting to be presented to us.

They have their own agenda, and their own ideas about what they are going to do to continue this world control and domination, and it apparently doesn't include the opinions of you, me, or our next door neighbors. All that you are expected to do is work hard and pay your taxes, be a capital product for their controlled system, and not ever ask any questions!

I think it is now high time that our country does ask questions of its leaders - its "misleaders." As I have stated before, we have the best religious and political leaders that money can buy. It is definitely time we begin to look at these subjects very deeply.