We are a local agency to give in real-time a Coworker alternative. We have our resources in addition to being recorded in the register of the Trade Chamber like a Consulting Agency enable to take action immediately to solve the present requirement at the REMOTEs WORK needed.
By keeping our presentations at a level that everyone in the web could understand, we are able to increase the audience engaged and interested.

Company registered in the Chamber of Commerce exercising the practice of Consulting, where mainly our client came from the RemoteWork market giving a real alternative to the term Coworking that has been carried out for the last decade and which is currently unfeasible due to the risk assessement for travellers and being in contact with other people.
We inform you that your personal the documents showing the Temporary Teleworking, Follow-up Agreements and Teleworking Risk Assessment Questionnaire. In any case, this last document is filled every daily, with the tasks carried out on that day and which have to be adjusted according to the employees.
The cost of our services is at least far less that the Alarm State in Spain represents today due to the quarantine that is being ordered our clients.