Social Media ‘second’


For all we those who be in trend are expert about Social media as a common term. 
I'm pick out for individual mention than I already felt obliged to write by myself in good things of life. I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a next-generation technology mobile phones with its respective social app downloaded in they own Home Screen.

It seems that here, on the phone screen at least, maybe something must could be also change, I drop it as a reflective question, I still consider we're freedom of expression.

Draw attention to the follow text you're close to read because It's will keep in check a several narcissistic points, be curious.

This new secluded turn up from a chapter related to the book that I finish write a couple months ago called "If I speak, it's for money."

Everything that I have been undertaken, for at least this past year 2020, allows me to talk what I need to know in a concrete way and that help you to understand me without bothering, even if you're mention in it.

We never feel sorry for happiness when Social Media is working to satisfy our endless craving for entertainment.

Ridiculous videos films by people who had nothing much better to do, they're lucky ones. Amazing!

And what can a say about personal posts, day by day it look like a photos or videos film assembly. Once I'll tag you here I add you in a group, I look over the states, who is online?. A lot of fun swallowing, without a doubt, should be take a selfie?

The new world is looking forward to restored the 'regular' situation after the Covid-19 pandemic, or perhaps we keep wanted to ignore this senseless wheel that we has builder.

Sometimes this kind of things can provoke a exhaustion problem measures. In fact the person take actions, often leaving the brain stuck spinning on the cognitive wheels.

But of course, entertainment and live back from other more healthy habits was more simple.

As many of those know, social media is simply a tool. Sometimes it's be useful among other things, "para dar un poco por culo al prójimo' I'm sorry for this expression.

However it's turns out now everyone at home at 12pm with a curfew. Again a subject of the happy social networks appears with more repercussion than ever.

All hero is not well designed to risk their lives for a society where core values ​​were already in uncertain mistake.

The mobile phone have a true function, device that allows us to communicate, not least, and of course it doesn't been created to show who person is better than other or who are in the wrong way, it would be missing! How can we stop this? I'm not sure at all.

Luckily I have been through this process several times and it's very possible that I'll spend my free time using Social Networks but it'll never be an addition, obsession or whatever you want to call this hypnotist game.

The government of over the countries around the world will make more than one think and trust in where we go. It's easy to have one's reasons to choose another alternative, which in the way I think, has worthy and is more effective for this times we have living.

Now appear unexpectedly the afraid for the present situation and it's obvious.

Maybe the legendary bequest will become to the end if the appropriate measures aren't taken. Is time to be in fashion through this marketing tool for something useful for the society without individuals keen desire.

Per sure, while is ending the confinement process so many people are still very hooked. Great!!, against there is only the law of principles, I leave one think to do other , It's in off.

But now with the Coronavirus handicap, we must understand if we spend time together in presencial groups that involved a infection risk, so perhaps it's too late for the main professionals to change their work system, but impossible is nothing.

This is one of the biggest inflexion connotation than unfortunately we're confront as well.

Anything goes as long as it is useful and following established guidelines, hence my idea to ​​drop this bomb.

A strong hug!

There is not time like the present