Spiritual Currency

There's two spiritual currencies: time and attention. Now, look, we can readily see this right; "time is money," people say. It's currency, right? What am I going to spend my time on? What am I going to pay attention to? You pay attention. You pay for something; you get something in return when you pay for something. That's what attention will get you here in return. You pay attention, you're gonna come out of here with some understanding.

We end up getting something in return on what we invest our spiritual currencies toward, and you what that, if it's put toward the right goals, the end result is true money, one eye (third eye). True spiritual vision, the ability to see, to un-occult something and see it for what it really is. That's what comes from truly putting time and attention onto the right things. This return could come in the form of knowledge; it could come in the form of understanding; it could come in the form of skills, expertise and empowerment, but only if we invest these two spiritual currencies wisely. 

And let me tell you something folks, that's why most people don't have any money, they got nothing to pay for it with. See, you pay attention and you get money, you spend time and you get money. I'm talking about the real thing. So, we have to invest our spiritual currencies wisely.

We should seek to improve our quality of attention by placing it upon information that is capable of improving both ourselves, and the human condition as a whole. Such an effort would also constitute a valuable investment of our time. We should ask ourselves "what am I spending my time on? What am I spending my time doing and what am I paying attention to?" That's where you will find whether you are investing in real value, something that is truly valuable. If most of the time we're spending our time on nonsense and trivialities, and divisive things and TV and sports and all other kinds of entertainment and distraction, well you're gonna have a return on that investment. And that return is gonna be low; it's not gonna result in much money.

Most importantly, we need to ask ourselves, "what kind of quality am I getting in return for my investments of time and attention?" These are the spiritual currencies, and that's what most people don't want to give. They don't want to give these freely for a return on investment. They don't want to pay attention to the right things, they don't want to spend time on the right things.

This is a simple chart of how our quality of our attention, and again this is in the aggregate but it's created by all of the individuals: how the quality of our overall attention as a species will affect our world in accordance with the Principle of Correspondence. Everybody's bringing their bucket to the pool, they're pouring it in, and then they're jumping in. And that's the world, that's the quality of the world. The quality of this whole thing here is gonna be based on how much poisoned, polluted information was in your bucket compared to how much pure information was in your bucket.

So, how are we spending our time? What are we paying attention to? Is this what we're doing with our time and attention? Sitting behind the hypnosis box? Which means suppression of knowledge. Hypnosis is the suppression of knowledge or the suppression of spirit. Or, are we going to devote our time to some pursuits of wisdom? Which means: developing knowledge, converting it into understanding by processing it accurately, and then converting it into wisdom through action, through Right action.

So, we have to ask ourselves, what are we spending our spiritual currency on, and are we investing it wisely? For a return of real money, which is actually spiritual enlightenment. 

Thank you