Staff Trial


Company dedicated to the promotion of local tourism is looking for a dynamic, extroverted staff with people skills. Great business opportunity. Contact Jorge Larrosa Anaya in this email,

I offer you:

  • Participate in the profits collected on the tour at 40%.
  • Collaboration contract between freelancers.
  • Being self-employed dependent on my company.
  • I offer to pay the freelance fee for the first 6 months.

Its task would be:

  • Contact agencies in Spain and be aware of receiving and answering all emails. All the emails that you sent and answered should put me in a copy.
  • Likewise, he has to organize the tours with the agencies and take care of them.

The profile would be:

A graduate in Tourism or a FP in tourism or socio-cultural animator.

We provide the ideas, the business structure, the contacts with the producers.

The tour organization part will be your responsibility

Advertising of a cheap color brochure with the tours also to leave them in all the hotels on the island with the tours and prices. Only the topic of tours is focused, as a branch of the company.

Simple brochures with the same tours to leave them lying around.

Leave the brochures in hotels, so that they offer them to clients.

An excellent level of English is essential.

Best Regards