Atamae 板前


There are several ways to cook Sushi, fit every taste. Raw vegetables and fish are common. This is a fairly exhaustive list of Sushi ranked with there ingredients, most of the dishes  are made with rice mixed with vinager, bon appetit:


Sake - raw salmon.

Maguro - a lean cut of tuna. This is the inexpensive variety of tuna. When it comes to tuna, fatty cuts are more expensive.

Toro - fatty bluefin tuna belly.

Ebi - cooked shrimp.

Tamagoyaki - fried egg.

Ika - squid.

Kani - crab leg (real crab not imitation crab).

Shako - mantis shrimp.

Chutoro - is similar to Toro (Fatty Bluefin tuna belly). The only difference is that it's a cut that's closer to the rear of the tuna and is less fatty.

Iseebi - lobster.

Inarizushi - a fried tofu pouch filled with sushi rice.

Matsubagani - snow crab legs on rice.

Akami - top loin of bluefin tuna.

Sawara - spanish mackerel.

Kibinago - blue sprat.

Iwashi - sardine.

Tako - octopus.

Mategai - razor clam.

Mamakari - sprat.

Masu - trout.

Hokkigai - clam.

Kuruma - tiger prawn.

Katsuo - bonito garnished with grated ginger and chopped scallions, or sometimes with grated raw garlic.

Unagi - freshwater eel broiled with a sweet sauce.

Shime saba - marinated chub mackerel.

Shiro maguro - binnaga, white tuna.

Madai - red seabream snapper.

Maki, Uramaki y Hosomaki

Kappa - covered with cucumber.

Gunkanmaki - literally: "gunship roll", is an oval of rice shaped by hand and wrapped with nori to form a boat-like shape that can be filled with ingredients. Typically used for sushi with fish eggs or soft pasty ingredients.

Tekka - tuna thin roll.

California roll - flip roll the name Uramaki, Inside out maki. The nori is on the inside and rice on the outside. made with cucumber, crab, avocado and sesame seeds.

Futomaki, literally: "fat roll", is a thick rolled sushi with multiple ingredients. Usually futomaki are mostly vegetables with ingredients such as cucumber, kanpyo, takenoko, egg and raw or cooked seafood.

Natto - smelly, slimy, fermented soybeans.

Negitoro - negi and fatty bluefin tuna belly.

Umeboshi - made from Ume fruits. They are valued for their unique taste and health properties. It's important not to eat too many. They are high in lactic acid and salt.

Daikon Oshinko - literally: "large root" are a roll with radishes. Like lettuce - they are fairly tasteless but are popular nonetheless.

Gimbap - gim and bap are the two basic components. Include cheese, kimchi and spicy tuna.

Tsunamayo - roll tuna and mayonnaise.

Spicy Indian - mushroom, red chilly powder, turmeric, ginger garlic paste, shredded coconut, cashew nuts and MTR chutney masala.

Kanpyo - pickled kanpyo rolls.

Abokado - avacado hosomaki (thin rolls).

Anakyu - sea eel and cucumber.

Spicy tuna - ground tuna and red chilli pepper.

Umekyo - cucumber and pickled Japanese plum.

Yuba - rolls wrapped in yuba (tofu skin).


Ankimo - monkfish liver.

Chirashizushi - literally "scattered sushi", is a bowl of sushi rice with raw fish on top. In some cases, certain seafood such as prawns are cooked for chirashizushi. It's often garnished with shredded egg, nori or shiso. Chirashizushi is easy to make and is a popular home meal or bento.

Temarizushi - sushi bolls.

Anago - conger eel (saltwater eel).

Tempura - fry vegetales, sea foods and mushrooms in egg, flour and baking soda.

Temaki - literally: hand roll) is a cone shaped sushi wrapped in nori and filled with sushi rice and ingredients such as vegetables and raw fish. That's intended to be eaten with your hands.

Tartare - cod, beans and tomatoe dressed with mango chili sauce.

Soup miso ramen - olive oil, fresh ginger minced , garlic clove, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, eggs, chicken broth, miso, ramen noodles, sesame oil and soy sauce.

Sasamaki - any makizushi wrapped in bamboo leaf.

Mahari - sushi wrapped in pickled Takana leaf (a type of mustard leaf).

Onogiri - formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes Traditionally, an onigiri is filled with pickled ume (umeboshi), salted salmon, katsuobushi, kombu, tarako, or any other salty or sour ingredient as a natural preservative.

Sashimi - it´s not Sushi. Consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces. Several cutes types such  a Sogizukuri, Hira zukuri, Usu zukuri, Hiki zukuri, Kiri kake zukuri and kaku zukuri.

Let´s go rolling together, enjoy please!