The art of drinking mindfully


Definitely. People are much more concerned with what they put in their bodies - they care about sustainability, seasonality, provenance, and it´s the same with drinks. They want more and make better choices. Mindful drinking is the trend of the moment or perhaps more of a movement. Anyway, it´s definitely healthier. It can mean different things to different people, but the most important point is to pay a bit more attention to what, when and how you drink.

Five simple tips to help you achieve your goals:

- Plan ahead - Decide what your goals are, and how you will meet them. Be precise: there's no need to set up a spreadsheet for this, but at a minimum you need to decide what you will drink, and how many of those you will have. And then stick to your plans.

- Stay hydrated - After planning, this is maybe the most important thing. If you feel thirsty, you're likely to down your drinks too quick-and miss out on savouring the flavours. So make sure you drink enough liquids throughout the day (water, tea, juice, soft drinks, etc).

- Don't starve - Eating is not cheating. Keeping to your drinking plans is more important than whether you finish your chips.

- Go long - the longer you drink, the lower the strength. The mixers will also help keep you hydrated. Stick to single measures.

- Tonics aren't just for gin - They're a drink in their own right too. Check behind the bar or ask what they have-with luck you will find all sorts of fancy flavours. Try the pomegranate and Basil from Double Dutch, or the Salted Paloma from Peter Spanton. And once you've exhausted the tonic options, don't forget bitters - a few drops in a tonic water will open up another world of flavour combinations. Most bars will have a bottle of Angostura, but keep an eye out for other brands as well-Bitter Union have a great range.

A non-alcoholic, free sugar cocktails is still a cocktail, right?