The freedom


I detach myself for just an instant from my selfish posture to assume that I'm getting trapped by the voracious anger that my humility unleashes.

I'm suffer a pressure that is exerted over me by a society part when I let myself go away by the routine than I keep simple. Once I remain faithful to my strange behaviors in search of something that gives me asylum.

It's like if I must answer thousands of questions that are heaps up hidden under a general anonymity of any increasingly dehumanizing people that are refuses to be shocked again by the resilience effects.

Yesterday I had a very deep proof in relationship with the freedom of those who choose never give up. We survive without greater effort than updating reports full of wisdom that bring relief to anyone who is enthusiastic about the benefits of the miraculous reading.

I put a little more frame of mind by writing that we are just started the summer 2021. Therefore is necessary an appropriate dialog who hopefully is will the key to explain clearing all kinds of uncertainties.

It's very possible that I have found, the reason why life is really worthy. A powerful antidote to a capitalist doctrine. I haven't neater great secrets than the science of being able to enjoy free. Material things It only give satisfaction for a very limited time, even so I help with all I can.

I know that from love to hate there're a step, I'm fully aware of it, for that reason I hold out all the prospect to the pen and paper with my best intention for all of us.

We are in the pursuit of the most dignified and least harmful solution that helps us to heal our legacy pride, make it happen. Anyway we must understand ourselves as a individuals.

The beings than go with me today, either in the person or through the mobile phone, we have proposed don't damage our relationships. In short, to find peace by taking the time frame control to prevent further complications, the feeling than I call it "thoughtful rejection".

A very busy months for the vast majority of the population, to such and extent that the effort I use to don't fall back down become to me against, in any case the most loquacious is should be done.

All of us have been taking excessive aventures. I thank God this risk remain it as a mere anecdotes, waiting for the next, "you never know".

What I'm really clear is that for the first time in my history I can judge honestly myself, I'm unpunished for the evil of envy, amen!

This nakedness words are write on a fragile paper that seems to be undone and / or disappear by the blow of a slight gust of wind that ends up slowly fading.

What is the most sad to me, right now, is that the capitalist routine deprived me to the freedom to choose be humble, it doesn't imply have fortune but doing without overrated ego.

Eva, I would like you to let you know that you're everything what I need, that the uncertainty regarding our way of communicating openly is left behind. We have the gift of write that will last over time, it's an excellent method of evasion, once again millions thanks darling.

For the greater good, I know that it would be better if we accepted the challenges that arise in life in a more social way.

Now is a good time to make ourselves more known in society.

My instinct dictates that I rely on my partner in life Eva feeling emotionally satiated to achieve fulfillment in family, work and mobile.

There is no excuse to be worry, being able to show oneself allows us to see ourselves reflected in the purest of humility, although others see cockiness in such simple acts, there is no reason to be scared, we're only victims of our own freedom when discerning between what belongs to us and what is assigned to us.

While I waited for what never came, I found what I never expected