The Schism

The schism of the individual. This is critical because this is not only a schism within the individual consciousness, it's a schism of world view; of the way we view ourselves in the world and the way we view our relationships with others in the world. So, I call this the mental schism. And it highlights basically what will happen, what kinds of thinking will manifest when certain types of brain imbalance are present. 

So, when we're in this schism, and again most of humanity is, if we're overly intellectualizing everything and we're too much in the masculine hemisphere of the brain, we're not using the right or intuitive capacities of the brain, the right-brain hemisphere. The creative aspect is missing from their personality makeup. "There is no truth;" truth is a dirty word to many left-brain (chronically dominant) individuals you'll note.

The idea that there's no such thing as the difference between Right and Wrong. That we just get to make those things up, "they don't inherently exist in nature, we can just decide on what's Right and what's Wrong for ourselves and make it up randomly." So, a very, very dangerous ideology that we're going to talk about a lot. Social Darwinism inevitably comes after that.

This is the idea that a certain class of society can get to direct how the lives of everybody else will go. Well social Darwinism postulates the survival of the most socially ruthless, and many people believe that's the natural order. They believe that's the natural order, and nothing could be farther from the truth. What that is, is it's the psychopathic chaos. It has nothing to do nature, and it has nothing to do with order. It's the exact opposite.

If the right side of the brain is chronically dominant, this leads to a similar kind of imbalance but in the exact opposite form. The brain is still completely imbalanced, therefore the person is not in a high state of consciousness. They're completely unconscious to what's really going on within them and around them, but the manifestation is generally the opposite of the left-brain forms of imbalance.

Feelings of unworthiness, self-loathing, accepting orders from other people, being an order follower; we're gonna have a whole section on order followers later and how this is the exact opposite of anything virtuous. For people that think order following is some kind of a virtue, I don't know what to tell you, but it's the thing that leads to all evil in the world, is accepting someone's orders and not actually gauging for yourself whether the activity, the behavior is moral or not.

So, let's look at the worldview schism that goes hand in hand with the brain schism or the mental schism. Again, this worldview is exactly what it says; how you view the world, how do you view yourself in it, how do you view others in it. Well, when there's chronic left-brain dominance, the worldview that emerges is one of randomness. And again this is a hallmark of scientism; "the world is this grand cosmic accident, the whole universe is a grand accident, there is no purpose, there's no creator; everything just magically manifested on its own for no reason from a single singularity, a single point in space-time for no reason."

“You give me that one, and I'll tell you everything else that happened after that, but you gotta give me that one... and I have some bridges to sell you." So, there's no underlying intelligence in nature, nature is dead. That's what this worldview is about; nature is dead, it's a dead thing, it's a mechanized machine that is there for no reason. There is no such thing as the spirit at all, no such thing as spiritual dimension, no such thing as Natural Law certainly, because for one to accept Natural Law, well, where does it come from?

Right and Wrong have no bearing, there's no point in even discussing it, because "Right is what's Right for me" if I'm super left-brain imbalanced, "Wrong is whatever affects me negatively." It doesn't matter what's actually moral, it's all subjective to a left-brain imbalanced individual. And to them, nothing has any purpose, since it's all a grand cosmic accident, how could there be a purpose for existence? Without a creator, who's going to create a purpose for it? So, it has no purpose other than to continue to keep surviving. Survival is the highest law. We hear about this in Darwinism too, the ultimate purpose of the being is to continue to survive.

So, people who believe in government and science are in that left-brain imbalance, they're gonna get pissed off that I'm talking about that form of imbalance. And then the people who are in religion and the new age movement, they're in that right form of imbalance, so they're gonna get pissed off at that. Good. Let them be pissed off. The truth will piss you off and then it will set you free if you accept it.

There's not a drop of intelligence in that man, and people think he is one of the most intelligent people in the world. You might be one of the most overly intellectual people in the world, but you have no wisdom at all, zero, if that's how you think. And again, put him in front of me and I'll tell it to him to his face because these people actually believe that he's smart! That person isn't smart, he's dumb! He's intellectual, but that doesn't make you intelligent. He has no part of the big picture, none. Just because you can theorize something and visualize it and calculate it mathematically does not make you an intelligent person. That means you're great at using the intellect, you're great at mathematics, you're great at linear and logical thinking- that does not make you wise.

I don't care what institution you're in, I don't care who you've listened to up to this point, I don't care what background you come from, I don't care what economic class you come from. Every single solitary being that is capable of thinking at all is gifted with free will. You have free will to choose your behaviors, and so does every other human being. Everyone. It's a gift of creation itself. We can choose what we will do and not do; nobody can actually make anybody do something like a robot, oh believe me there's people who are trying.