You are limited edition


Sometimes it´s really difficult to think of ourselves this way. No one else is like one has the unique traits and characteristics you possess.
When I founded Trail Travel at the end of 2020, I just knew I will blend mountains and travellers, add events and tours in Gran Canaria seemed to me more easy 1 day instead will travel very generous. I´m confronted with the roof of my proyect and each day that goes I claim more to go forward.

Everything you do, say, or think makes you special. Your journey through life is uniquely yours. The struggles you have faced...make you an individual. We can have similar experiences, but each of us learned different things from those teaching moments. We all recover from difficulties differently. We all handle ourselves differently in a said situation.

So, embrace how special you are. Recognize that how you interact with the world is your own individual way. The way you get over a hurdle, triumph in the face of adversity...these are all ways you are a limited edition.

I´m expect to find something to write the next post, that will be another day.

I am more than a body