Battery Charger

Charger with nominal voltage 12V for new and/or old batteries. Design that offers high compatibility. Fully automatic, digital LCD display, constant voltage, fast charging according to different intensities in 3 stages.

Steps to follow:

- Connect the cables with clamps to the battery terminals.

- Plug the charger into the power.

- Turn on/Connect the charger.

- Check the resistance selector.

This charger allows charging both an individual battery and several batteries arranged in parallel.

Completely automatic process which guarantees efficient and hassle-free loading, freeing you from the manual process, anyone can use it.

Equipped with a digital LCD display, it provides real-time information and charging status, improving user experience.

Fast charging capability, to reduce charging time and saves you valuable time.

The 3-stage battery charging process ensures optimal charging, extending battery life. Constant current charging, constant voltage charging, floating charging.

LCD display with digital display of voltage, current, temperature, battery capacity in real time, convenient to read.

Intelligent current and voltage adjustment, automatically stops input current after fully charged.

Pure copper transformer, stable output, high conversion rate, energy saving, large capacity, etc.

Overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection.

The shell is made of ABS material, flame retardant insulation in high temperature.

The current automatically supplied to the battery is the result of dividing the battery capacity by 20. For example, if a battery has a capacity of 60 Ah, it is automatically supplied with a current of 60/20= 3A. The intensity can be regulated through the charger's resistance selector. The time a battery should be charged is between half an hour and one hour.

During the battery charging process using this system, the intensity will decrease depending on the battery charge at all times, so it will NOT be necessary to check the electrolyte temperature.

Suitable for 12V, 2AH to 20AH, Lead-Acid or AGM or GEL batteries.

Universal for most types of batteries, lead acid, agm, gel, vrla.

Material: ABS and copper

Yellow color

Electrical plug: EU

Rated voltage: AC 100-240V 50Hz.

The Battery Charger is built with adaptive technology managed by a microprocessor that controls the charging of the battery.

The Battery Charger optimizes the use of the battery and causes less aging and less maintenance when the battery is not in use. The Battery Charger Storage mode is activated when the battery has not been discharged in 24 hours. In storage mode, the float voltage is reduced to 13.2V to reduce bubbling and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is raised again to the absorption level to "equalize" the battery. This feature prevents electrolyte stratification and sulfation, the main causes of battery failure.

- The packaging includes an adapter with clips.

- LCD screen to display charging status and selected process.

- Capacity for reconditioning and recovery of discharged batteries.

- Protection against reverse polarity.

- Against short-circuit at the output.

- Protection against excess temperature.

- IP65 certified resistance (dust and splash resistance).

- Fanless design, no moving parts or maintenance.

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