Diagnostic Pc Car

1 x Obd2 Car Fault Diagnostic Instrument Clear Fault Code Diagnostic Scan Tools Universal Version. Code reader and scan tool.


1. Retrieves generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), includes definition lookup software on CD, and displays DTC definitions on screen.

2. Features a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, multilingual menu and DTC definitions and standard 16-pin OBD-ll connector; no additional cables are needed.

3. View freeze frame data, display monitor and I/M readiness status, turn off Check Engine Light (MIL), clear codes, and reset monitors.

4. Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) protocols and all other current OBD-Il protocols.

5. Works with all OBD-ll compliant US, European and Asian vehicles (OBD-ll is standard on all cars sold in the US after 1996).


Product Name: Automotive Failure

Detection instrument

Product size: 68*103*16mm

Weight: 165g

Main control chip: single chip.

Display screen: 2.4 inches.

Voltage: 12V

Working temperature: -40~65 (°C)

Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French.

Package includes: 1 x Car Diagnostic Tool, 1 x Manual.

Using Scan Tool Procedures:

1. To turn off.

2. Locate the 16-pin Vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC).

3. Connect the scan tool cable connector to the vehicle's DLC. The cable connector is keyed and only fits in one direction. (If you have trouble connecting the cable connector to the DLC, please rotate the connector 180 and try again.

4. Turn on. But don't start the engine.

5. When the scan tool cable connector is properly connected to the vehicle's DLC, the LCD displays instructions for selecting a new scan.

6. Press the New Scan button. A sequence of messages showing the OBD2 protocols will appear on the screen until the vehicle protocols appear.


If the scan tool is unable to communicate with the vehicle's computer, the message Unable to establish a link with the vehicle appears.

Verify that the ignition is ON.

Check whether the OBD2 connector of the scan tool is firmly connected to the vehicle's DLC.

-Verify that the vehicle is compatible with OBD2.

-Turn off the ignition and wait about 10 seconds. Turn the ignition back on and repeat the procedure from step 6.


1. This product does not belong to low power consumption. After use, it can be immediately unplugged from the vehicle.

If it is plugged into the vehicle for a long time, it will cause damage to the car battery.


2. Product Purchase Notice: The product is only applicable to 12V gasoline vehicles, heavy-duty trucks above 24V, diesel vehicles, motorcycles, new energy vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. In addition, if multiple old cars are older than 1996, they do not work. They support Japanese vehicles produced after 2005-2008 and do not support Japanese vehicles manufactured before 2004. All European cars support it. 3.Vehicles that cannot be determined, please refer to the list of supported models to avoid purchasing and being unable to use them.

During product operation, the vehicle should be started first before inserting the product. Avoid the possibility of chip damage during high-voltage moments during the process of starting the car after inserting the product first.

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