GPS Tracking

The price included installation, configuration and DC Regulator, micro-SD card it’s required to memorize recording and emergency call data.

Track your vehicles in real time with this GPS location.

With the option to call your phone after configured the desired decibels to warn you of any danger in an acoustic radius device's sensor.

Take care of your auto or boat  from theft and prevent it from being lost or damaged with this locator device.

SIM Message Positioner allows you to send messages to the GPS tracker and receive updates about its location. (free of charge with your mobile operator).

Small size and lightweight, perfect for tracking vehicles.

You only need to insert a valid SIM card into the device and then you can track and map in real time over the Internet (using Google Maps).

Size: 4cm*2cm*1.5cm

Memory: 200 (M)

Alarm mode: SOS alarm

Call: 5G

Recorder: 16 gigabytes

3.7V 400mAh lithium ion battery. It connects directly to the vehicle battery (self-powered). The GPS connection continues online even 200 hours with the vehicle not turned on (stopped) in economy mode.

Anti-theft, anti-loss, danger call and conversation recorder function.

28.00 € 49.00 €