All seeing eye

The word occult means hidden. That, simply, is all it means. Anything that is hidden is occult. I'm talking about the hidden powers behind the throne; the hidden powers behind religion; the hidden innuendoes behind everyday symbolism. People who have accepted the authorities as the truth find it very difficult to accept the truth as authority. Authority does not always come with the truth. And, truth does not always come with authority. The bottom line is, no matter what you believe, there is a truth that resonates with your heart and everyone elses. There is a factual truth that can be pointed out, but you have to look for it.

If, however, you go along to get along; if you accept your government's view of everything, and if you accept your particular religious persuasion of things, then you are no different than the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Muslims and all the other people we condemn throughout the world - or those silly radicals who follow the views of their leaders and blow up buildings without asking questions.

We may, like them, find ourselves being in wars and killing people without even questioning this authority, because they are doing it for the Lord. In what way are we any different if we do the same? What is important is that you maintain your own individuality as an intelligent human being, and do your own homework so your thinking becomes grounded in the truth. In this particular time in which we are living, to be able to speak freely, is going to be very important in the very near future. Our freedoms are being very closely watched, and are being monitored. There is the possibility that we are going to lose our freedom of speech quite soon.

On this planet there are no passengers, we're all crew, so we all have a stake in what is happening in this world. Whether we want to deal with it or not, we have to face what is going on in the world around us, and especially with our rights as free citizens. Catastrophe is looking at us from all corners of the globe. Certainly, from the standpoint of the New World Order. The Talmud states that, "If there is no knowledge, then there is no under- standing." If there is no understanding, then there is no knowledge, and that's what we have today. A whole lot of no understanding. It is about time for people who do know, to speak up.

I believe that there are enough people in this world who want to know the truth and who want to be willing to stand and fight for it. Not in the violent, literal sense, but with higher moral values, upholding free ethical standards, and a deeper understanding to be well-informed. Let me explain one of the main problems and tragedies in the world today. In the case of one who knows, or has wisdom, he is usually aware that he doesn't know everything. It is usually the man who thinks he knows everything, who doesn't know anything.

One of the most important ways of learning anything today in our society is through symbols and emblems. Emblems are like words. If you can't read the emblems or symbols, you don't know what the story is revealing. This is especially true in religion. We are seeing so much in what is said to be religion, and, in fact, it is nothing more than politics. And, of course, politics are religion, and religion is politics. There has never been a religious movement on Earth that wasn't a little political. And, there has never been a political movement that didn't have a little religion involved in it.

I want to focus on the religion that is prominent in our country, and that is Christianity. Before I get into this subject, I want to emphasize that I don't appreciate anyone placing anyone else into a narrow box, or pigeon-holing me and deciding who I am in my belief systems, or where I am coming from. Because, if you don't know me, you don't know where I am coming from.

I am not a Communist. I am not a Nazi, 1 am not a racist, I am just a human being with something to say. I am not coming from any particular place. I am just a human being, a researcher, a teacher, and an investigative writer.