Back to fly


Hello, I'm Jorge Larrosa Anaya, Senior Communications Technician, SEO Founder of Trail Travel.

This project, every day more and more, from the beginning, has been focus in the public that today, has win the battle to the health crisis by K.O. Indeed I'm say that a teleworker heroes.

Once again, time proves me right when I read the news, assert that we have been pioneers in adapt services to this sector in Gran Canaria while the 2013 giving one of the first exclusive tourist pack called Remotework Tours.

From the beginning since we conquer the mountains focus in live to run the Tour Operador Remote Agency business, we're judged as a crazy's. Since then, we have held true in purpose to keep saving a healthy lifestyle. That it's in fact from the beginning we strive to include sport activities with healthy food in the program through the nature.

We strengthen ourselves, once again, in our force the issue take at that time, knowing that logically, the first flights with passengers that will bring with them, the economic reactivation, we know the trips will be made for work.

Few people know when they'll pick up a plane again. By pure logic, it's to be expected that the first routes to become widely available again will be internal ones. "In international transport, it's more difficult to know when normality become recover.

You have to know that each country imposes its measures and carries its rhythms. It's not ruled out that some open before others." Common sense also dictates that the conviction to work will be the engine that leads us to get up one more time fly in the plane.

Social distance in the cabin "You have to take into account that you have to regain confidence. And also the ERTEs (Expediente de Regulación Temporal de Empleo) and cuts that we can find in the coming months, there're many people who are going to have to prioritize. important, but it is much more important to eat or children education ".

In recent weeks, we have witnessed how in different parts of the world, coinciding with the debate about how the transition stage will be articulated after the confinement, proposals are being made to adapt the interior of the cabins to the new regulations of coexistence and social distance.