The idea that Hell was hot comes from the fact that the sun was hot. In Egypt the sun is hot, a lot hotter than it is in other countries. In Egypt it is hot! They figured that when the sun goes down at night, it must also be hot while it is going through the Earth. So if you die and go into the Earth it must be hot. Of course, when volcanoes blow up hot stuff, that proves that the Earth is hot. So if you go into Hell and you die, you go to Hell, and it is hot. You go into the Earth, it is hot.

Actually, the word Hell is Nordic and it was spelled Hel, not Hell. It meant a place where you bury something - like a grave. If you bury something in a hole and cover it up, that is Hel, in the Scandinavian tongue. Therefore, if you put something over your head to cover it, that is a hel - met. Because that is what hel meant, covering something up.

Now let's look at the word blessing. Everybody is looking for a blessing. The word blessing comes from the word blood, or bloedsain, as an English, or Welsh word, blessing or blood, which means the shedding of blood. Any time there is a bloodletting, or killing, or shedding of blood, it was a blessing. That is why the Crusaders couldn't wait to get back to tell the Pope that they had killed all the peo- ple, because that was a wonderful blessing.

They had shed a lot of blood. This goes back to the ancient world, long before Israel, when the animals would have to be sacrificed and you would have to pour out the blood afterward, and that was a blessing. As a matter of fact, the Earth today has been blessed all over the world.

There has been more bloodshed in the name of religion in Ireland, and the Middle East and all over the world. So we are being totally blessed all over the world with this bloodshed. I just happen to think it is an idea whose time has come get rid of these blessings, and go back to school and find out that we've been had!