Nº1 Travel the world as Digital Nomad


Hello there !, yesterday we said goodbye to the Pyrenees, three nights we had slept in Bagá Camp, the breakfast again was granted by the organization, it has pleased to the employe today like a Digital Nomad . One group we have been led by a spectacular car rider across the deep valley of the Pendis river. We arrived at the last tracking database and leading refreshment zone in refuge San Jordi, with capacity for 44 persons at 1,565 m altutide in Sierra de Moixeró, in the Natural Park of the Cadi-Mointxero, here also have emergency and rescue volunteers.

All of them have incluiding food and drink throughout the day. Here is possible breathe a pleasant atmosphere that allows you enjoy the show of nature and adventure ultra trails.

In the end line, the assisting physiotherapists help recovery the athletes, a selfless action where get work experience. Spend time as a Digital Nomad help to increase your social network.

Therefore one of the best ways to improve relation is to engage in an activity together with other people. In our volunteer trips around the world you meet new people, help you to find meaning in your life, help you recover your creativity, your motivation and your vision of life.

Approach people with the same thinks that you are. Certainly, all the staff who worked in the race have been essential, the great success it has take the Ultra Pirineu is mostly thank.

Until next great fun time from Gran Canary Island.

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.