Nº2 Travel the world as Digital Nomad


Hello there, you welcome to see and know more about this new post Digital Nomad in Huesca - Spain. We wake up peaceful not much early at 9:00 a.m. in the local Camp in Alquezar, this place we could spend the night has given though the organization to help the persons came to work and enjoy this benefic action for the Ultra Trail Guara Somontano along 3 days. Thank Sr. Jordan, at the end, we are blessed to have the sopport system and the best team to really just support each other.

After breakfast, I´m begined the second day in the finish line point, the ambient here is amazing with great effort scenes and happiness feelings while arrived the first runners from this epic Race, is belongs the prestige Spain Ultra Cup. This village have medieval style, river Vero surrounds the town, it´s form a legend´s stamp.

After lunch and once spent time with volunteer psychotherapists while they developed profesional recover function for participants in race, we leapt in cars torward Mesón de Sevil, altitude 1,250 meters, the last tracking database fresh zone, here the volunteers gave food to recover energy after 90 km gather in they legs. This year, for the first time, is kept the pasta refrigerated in special vehicles.

This point is location at 14 km from the finish line in Alquezar. This is my favorite moment of these trips, I´m excited, just in the middle of the event and I feel good. The anecdotes about the special features of this canyon they begin to keep me curious, now is when come to me the energy to start keeping a right actituded to films the video, the landscape and the atmosphere in this place help me a bit.

It's time to say goodbye, this is the last trip as a Digital Nomad outside the Canary Island we habe programmed for this year.

Best reward & soul huge to the mountain family !

See you as soon as posible, keep in touch please !

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.