Friends are the siblings


Hello, welcome and thanks for be here again, always happy and even more because it's time to the Olive season and we harvest some kilograms for self consumption and we are made preserved olives, the garden also is giving organic food, I'm grateful with all the nature offer me.

After breakfast the name pancake (rice flour, baking powder, salt, soy milk, egg and olive oil cooked in the pan and above banana sliced, honey and tahini) I set out to joy some new Yoga exercise, for me this discipline doesn´t involve any type of spiritual ritual or something like that. Then I decided walk the path from Tunte to Fataga in a new way more easy (I´ll define in other post), place from where I continued to San Fernando in bus towards to the south.

I enjoyed walking with my father through the neighborhood where I was born, it's a sensation that I doesn't feel since I was 8 years old, just when my parents broked their relationship, so you can imagine.
We Start the month of November with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
The volunteer trip to Lanzarote Haría Extreme is underway next month, open minded, gritty, not easily bored, nature loving people calm, not easily stressed scared kinda people.

A room, all daily meals, tranfer in exchange for working like a volunteer.
The place is beautiful and the nature plays a big role.

What else:
- an amazing mountain nature experience.
- a possibility to form your own way of working.
- plenty of responsibility, but also freedom.
- a refuge from the city life.
- a possibility to meet some. wonderful people in a unique setting.

We really want to share our daily life with our volunteers.