Matrix of Power

At one time or another we've all questioned as to whether all that we see and are experiencing in our world has some sort of a rational plan behind it.

We now know through the work of many historians who have spent their lives working on research, that both sides of world conflicts have always been financed by the same people. And, as I've said many times before, this seems to be the method to the "madness" going on in the world. We know, of course, that we cannot depend on the truthfulness our leaders. Our leaders are "misleaders." There is a science they are following. They have their own agenda - and it does not include you. This agenda also does not include many of our politicians, who have sometimes felt helpless and spoke out.

Conflicts require money and cooperation. World conflicts require world banks and international monetary funds. Professional groups all have fraternal orders. Doctors, attorneys, etc., have their own specific fraternal orders. In the banking world, it is the same way. They have the same fraternal order in banking and politics. However, we are not supposed to know anything about that, because that's not any of our business. That fraternal order in politics and banking has been known for many years by those on the inside. It has been referred to by different names, at different times, in different countries.

The best overall name that we can confer on this fraternal order, which is running our country, politics, and monetary system, is Freemasonry. Our country, like so many before us, and like so many after us, was in fact founded by Freemasons. Freemasonry, in one form or another, has played a role in almost every government that was founded in this world. It is powerful in operation today throughout the world.

We're talking about a worldwide fraternal organization that is powerful enough, old enough, and wise enough to operate behind all governments in the world, behind fraternal institutions, and behind international monetary systems in the world. And, yes, they are, in fact, connected.

There is much concerning this conceptual premise in this material that we each need to look at. Who are the Freemasons? Why are Freemasonic emblems and symbols depicted on flags throughout the world, and found on all sides of global conflicts?