My biography


I was born in November 13, 1977, Gran Canaria Island, Las Palmas, Spain. I don't know exactly the hour, perhaps along the night.

These words are dedicated, in a very selfish way, in first person to me, thinking of each and every one of those who have notably influenced in my personality.

Today is the day that I release a naked appearance with my words, while I look up, I enjoy myself alone, I’m mindful that something good is make it happen. I get excited, in fact the present is unrepeatable on full moments like this one where I can write about my story, without distractions.

It’s the middle of April when I reading a very brief publication on LinkedIn, the summary is enough for me to see how news dramatize looking for controversy, as usual in social media. It’s a message straight and forceful that agree "the world that we knew until now has become to the end", another reason to strive the beginning. It's time to be hurry up focus in take inspiration advantages, giving the way to capture memories somewhere, wanting to practically bury them, without this implying a fact of repentance.

I hope after read my biography you will feel identified with how my life has been developing.

Until 2001 I was on the island studying while enjoy summers working, the other thing was practically fun with local people.

Once I spent at least ten years on peninsula, always sharing a flat (more or less 6 homes) with people of disparate nationalities and a very mistic year in a Volkswagen autovan in Industrial Area and the Biggest shopping center in the capital to save money while I worked to earn it.

I came on holidays with some friends from the north of Spain to Maspalomas carnival and we dressed up as a paparazzi. We met a group of womens who lived in Fuerteventura and we became easily friends.

I was in the beginning in Fuerteventura island for a year 2011 living in a flat with her. Things of life gave to she a heart attack while on duty shortly after she left back to Madrid with another man. They was close to be marry and they had a beautiful son who was orphaned a few months after a little boy was born.

Before all it happened, we still had the opportunity to travel, for a little over half a year, to the exotic Tenerife Island, she was crazy to live there in the midst of the Spanish crisis in 2012.

She journal as a Police, she dragged along, as she said, a very complicated family past (more common), just in case I never fall in the apartment payment and staff like that in all my expenses.

I returned to Gran Canaria where, after handing my CV in all the 99% of the South Hotels in Gran Canaria, a summer job start up that I kept for six consecutive years. It was a gift from the heaven, neither more nor less than the best hotel on the Island, where I earned much money working hard, was a unforgettable remembers about this good live wo allow me to travel nearby; I survived by spending what was fair and worthy.

I had some more experiences that shook me emotionally to the point that I finally left another year to live in hostels and even like a tramp while at the same time I keep working in several cities, including London, where I finally changed my residence and got all the papers to lead a fancy life.

I received an email from the Canary Islands that radically changed my future, from then on I gained stability and finally left my temporary job (with thanks) to enter where I am today.

That choose was very hard and risky, but today it has helped me to be who I am.

I have what I deserve for risking a lot in life which has given me a wonderful girlfriend, a dream job and a brilliant business future if I can continue to maintain the concentration and enthusiasm as before.

Who else and who less have experienced great changes, this 2021 seems to be, if not the greatest of the last 100 years, one of the most impacting globally due to its longer, repercussion, especially in tourism industry and also more with the controversy of an experimental vaccine.