Realise it was moment to back


Hey there, welcome again, yesterday I chose walk early in the beach. Just when I put the bare feet in the sand I had to back home beacuse I remember that the power of the oven was to high for make bread, and so when I arrived home the bread was burned. I like to test my mental orden mental. I do right in a 99% of the case, this was 1%, that confused !. Therefore I change the breeze of the sea by the bustle of several shopping centers. I did some necessary purchases, had forgotten what it feels like to spend tree hours in large surface area, there was plenty of choice and many people buying.

Today in the morning the first thing i have done is to put an audio sermons in English and practice yoga, blessed awakenings !!. Your instinct is the one that hold the key to your happiness, if you connect with your soul, you have half of the game won to continue enjoy, only you can do it, keep cool !

So after light breakfast is time to work around ten, yes I know is sunday and isn´t usually work day for self-employed, I currently live for that, I love what I do, the freedom that I have is absolute, and I see it like as style life. The day was amazing in the mountain, so couldn´t fail a hike route.

I am very excited because everything Is almost done to start the season of autumn. Trail Travel Stand is localitation in the main street Tamarán, 15, Tunte, just in the beginning of the town. We continue to follow and inspire each other, the best is yet to come, stay curious.

Thanks to everyone, good night !