Right or Wrong


Now, when I say living in harmony with Natural Law or living in opposition to Natural Law, what do I really mean? Well, what this has to do with, is knowledge, and we're gonna keep going back to this trend, this thread, it's not going away. Understand the spiritual teachings they were trying to convey to humanity and then apply them in your life. Live by that ethic, that code, great! And have whatever religious notions you want. What I'm saying is: what this religion called the new age movement, and what many official organized regional religions do, is they try to take the emphasis off knowledge. Because again, if you're not seeking truth and trying to develop knowledge, that's how this information remains occult, and that's how the control system stays in place. 

Once you do that, you're accepting your chains; you're saying I have no power. Let me tell you something folks, I'm not powerless, I am full of power. Why? Because I have knowledge of how things actually work. Nobody can tell me I'm owned by somebody else and get me to believe it, because I have understanding of my sovereignty. If they can take that away from you by getting you to de-emphasize the importance of knowledge, of self-knowledge, they own you. That's when you're owned at that point. Knowledge is the way out of this: knowledge, understanding, and then converting that to true wisdom through actions. Not believing in something. Not accepting everything. Not waiting on somebody to come down and save you.

Keep waiting on an external savior you're gonna be waiting in your chains forever. The knowledge of Truth is what the Christ figure himself proclaimed would be the pathway to true freedom. And whether you put any emphasis on even exoteric Christianity, I'm telling you that's the core of all the mystery traditions; is that until you take in the light, you'll never dispel the darkness. And the light is knowledge of Truth. That's what it has always been symbolized as and represented as. Knowledge is the answer, and here's what the biggest piece of knowledge that comprises Natural Law needs to be understood. (Right vs. Wrong) there is a difference, it is a 100% completely polarized antithesis, these are diametric opposites that exist in nature. These concepts: Right and Wrong, don’t exist as constructs within the human mind. Anybody who believes that is thrown completely off the path.

Morality: it's not right vs. left; it's about Right vs. Wrong. This whole left-right paradigm that people are, "oh are you fall in with the left, the Democrats or the right, the Republicans?" It has nothing to do with any of that, it's a false paradigm. The thing that all of that's a distraction for not getting you not to pay attention to and understand is the difference: the real, true and objective difference between Right and Wrong. And we're gonna explore what that is because it can be known. It can be known, and most people will be shocked and horrified to understand the real differences between Right and Wrong because they'll have to look into themselves and recognize in many ways that they are cooperating with Wrong. And that they don't really truly know the difference between Right and Wrong. We're gonna look at that term common sense and explore what it really means.

There's a reason because they mean the same thing. Correct is moral. Correct meaning that it’s in alignment with that which is true means literally by definition: if it’s true, then it’s moral. The more you’re following something that is false, that isn’t based in truth, the more you’re going down the path of immorality, of Wrong doing. So, we have to come to know what is true regarding Right and Wrong if we are going to be able to correctly. Not one person has one less Right than another being. To think that anybody has more or less Rights anywhere on the earth, at any time in history, is a fallacy: it’s a lie, it’s a deception, it’s Wrong, it’s not correct, it’s not based in truth. Rights are universal, and the exact same for every human being. Blanket statement, absolute truth. Let the ego chew on it and deal with it. And again, the ego will have a hard time with this in many cases, with many people. They'll hear that and want to throw a glass at me.

Here's what apophasis is: it's been called apophatic inquiry, really look this up, understand what apophasis is because it's part of the Trivium process. Rights are a form of property. Freedom is a form of property. Somebody doesn't have a Right to take somebody else's freedom and hold them against their will just because they don't like what they are doing, they have a distaste for what they are doing, or they want them to comply with their behavior, with their commands. They want them to make their behavior comply with the commands that they’re being given.

So, when in doubt whether an action is or is not in harmony with Natural Law, the visualization exercise that I always ask people to do, is to imagine a scenario of a planet or world where there is only two people. Only two people exist on the entire planet. If the behavior in that circumstance, in that visualized instance, is either a Right or a Wrong in that instance, it remains a Right or a Wrong in any sized population regardless of how many people may believe otherwise. So, if a Right is a Right for one person to do toward another, or if it's a Wrong, the action is a Wrong for one person to take toward another, population is irrelevant. People will say, "well yeah, if there was a couple of people that would be okay, but in a world of 7 billion people, we can't let people do that." Well this has nothing to do with what Right and Wrong is, as if they are changeable.