The fear of chaos

The fear of chaos: this is what keeps this system going. Chaos can't be viewed as something to fear. It's gotta be viewed as a teacher, a harsh teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. See, chaos teaches us through the apophatic process what not to do. Okay, that's a bad idea. If you don't care about whether that happens, by all means, keep it right on that stove, right on that electric stove. 

Humanity is the little child that is a little slow, and they want not to be burned, yet simultaneously they insist, You don't want negative self-inflicted suffering and chaos in your life? You got to align your behavior to Natural Law. Which means you've got to know the difference objectively between Right and Wrong, and willfully through your free will choose, deliberately choose the Right action over the Wrong action. Then you won't be burned.

The control and slavery system is actually about the limitation of free will through the destruction of possibility. See, all they've done; The old-world order used to be religion and priest kings, right? "We're in between you and God. We're the intercessors, the intermediaries. We make the law. You're our subjects, you are our slaves, you obey or it's our wrath."

All they've done is take the concept of a singular ruler, which was the old world order, and they've converted it into the concept of now there's a ruling class called Government that gets to make up what we tell you what you may or may not do. And they're up here at the top of the pyramid now, that's all. "We're the moral masters that you have a moral obligation to obey, and you're the slave class that has an obligation to obey our commands." That's it. Nothing changed. All they did is say, "well, people no longer believe in the priest king, so we need to create an institution where this "authority" is seemingly diffused through many people. It's always been nonsense. It's always been mind control. It's not going to be anything else other than that until it goes away.

True freedom includes infinite possibility because infinite possibility by definition includes the possibility for chaos. For real freedom to exist, we have to accept "hey, things might not go right all the time. We live in a physical domain, a physical world, there could be dangers." Nothing could ever be sanitized or made completely safe as far as physical world activities are concerned. There's always going to be the possibility something could happen, go wrong, somebody could get hurt, chaos could happen. If you live in that state of fear that that's going to happen, what is that? Is that high consciousness or low consciousness? It's low consciousness. Low consciousness can only create what? Chaos. The fear of chaos itself can only get you more chaos because it's based in fear. As we just keep referring to that expression chart, you know. 

Which, that's what will lead to freedom, removing that fear. The fear of the possibility of chaos is actually equated to the fear of true freedom. When somebody says, "I can't ever believe that a system with no masters could work out, I can't even envision how it could work out."

Imagination. There it is. That is actually the equivalent of the death of the imagination. Now, what is the imagination? The imagination is the powerful ability of the human mind to envision a different state or condition than the one which is already manifested in the present. So, imagination must first be present in the mind in order to create a different state of existence than the one currently being experienced.

And this is because, according to the Principle of Mentalism, for any different state to manifest in the physical world, the plane of effects, it must first exist within the mind or the plane of causality. If the imagination is stifled or destroyed, and the destruction of the imagination is what I refer to as total mind control, you can't go into any more total mind-controlled state as the imagination being dead. All right? If that happens, any positive change to our state of existence becomes completely impossible. And this is where many people are already at. 

The fear of the possibility of chaos is more than even the fear of true freedom. It is the death of the imagination. It is putting the mind permanently in the cage. So, you can't let that force within us called the imagination die because that's the only way to envision a way out of the prison. You have to envision it first, then you have to put those thoughts and emotions that you used for that envisioning process into actual action so that it becomes manifested in the physical world.

Through their fear of the possibility of chaos, which is actually the fear of true freedom, most people advocate the legitimacy and continuance of authority and government, and are therefore actually advocating the legitimacy and continuance of violence and slavery.

Those who believe that authority is necessary and that it must continue because of this fear of chaos have actually been duped into believing that human slavery is necessary, and get this folks: human slavery must therefore, continue in order to "prevent chaos." Now imagine that. Imagine that.That's what statism is though. That's what the religion called the belief in government or statism is. It is the belief that human slavery is necessary and must continue indefinitely in order to prevent chaos from manifesting. Now, tell me how that could possibly work?

Can violence and slavery, which is actually what government is a euphemism for: statism and government are just euphemisms for violence and slavery. Can violence and slavery ever possibly prevent chaos? Why? (Audience response) what? Why can't it? Because they are chaos.

Violence and slavery are chaos. We are already in the state of chaos. Being held under the threat of violence and duress, which is slavery is the state of chaos. So, forget about fearing chaos coming on. You're in it now. Surprise, surprise. Hate to break the news to you all. We're already in the state of chaos. We need to create real order by getting rid of violence and slavery.