The role of knowledge

This presentation is called Natural Law: The Real Law of Attraction and how to apply it in your life. And I emphasize that term real law of attraction. Many people will be familiar with the new age variants of the so-called law or laws of attraction. This is going to differ quite widely from what people have heard in the new age community and the new age movement regarding what the law or laws of attraction are.

Human beings everywhere say that they want certain things in their life and they say they want certain things to be present for all humanity. We say we want certain conditions to be present for ourselves and our species as a whole and we say we want such things as happiness, health, peace, prosperity, freedom, etc. 

Well this is what the real laws of attraction are about; it's explaining conditions that you want don't just automatically manifest by thinking of them or just having a feeling about them, this is a new age deception. You just accept the default conditions the way they are now and go on with your existence and accept it's going to be this way and possibly get worse. This is a key concept to understand.

So what are these requirements? We need to know certain things. Knowledge is required. Knowledge, knowledge that will spur us to action, that's what's required. Since human beings, as a species, do not already have the things they say they want, and again, at least not in fullness. We want to split hairs, we can say we have a modicum of what we may say that we want, but we don't have it in the fullness that we will say that we want it, especially societally, globally. It is here, and yet people aren't paying attention to it, they aren't taking it in and accepting it and doing anything with that knowledge. So they're ignoring it because it's uncomfortable. What are these requirements? What is this knowledge?

This knowledge is occulted, eans to hide, to conceal, or to keep secret, to keep hidden from the eye so that it cannot be seen. It is knowledge that has been hidden from humanity. It's held by the few, which is represented here at the top of this pyramid. You could look at this as a pyramid representing knowledge or ignorance. 

Now why would anybody want to hide knowledge that is extremely important? Well there's a very specific reason, but before we even get to that we have to talk about what is this occulted knowledge. What is the body of knowledge? What does it comprise? When I'm saying the occult, the knowledge of the occult, what do I mean by that? Occult knowledge constitutes two things, there's two general bodies of occult knowledge. 

Actually, the word neter also meant God, spirit or God. This is the spiritual domain, the laws that actually are operating in the unseen realm. Now, they manifest in the physical realm.

So it's important to understand these two bodies of knowledge; the lesser arcana is about the monad, or the individuated unit of consciousness of the human being and then the greater knowledge is about the laws that govern the macrocosmic universe. What these laws do, this body of the working of nature that I'm calling under the umbrella Natural Law, they're universal spiritual laws, which govern the consequences of behavior.

There is differences in levels of consciousness and abilities to comprehend information and to actually know how something works.

Why is this knowledge hidden away from people? To what ends? The knowledge of the occult, the hidden knowledge about how Natural Law works and how consciousness works is not commonly known. That's why it's not the exoteric, it's not given to the masses. It's the esoteric, it is reserved for the few, and there is a reason for that. It's been deliberately hidden away and kept from the general public in order to create and maintain a power differential because if someone else is in extreme level of knowledge and they know how something works, like something as trivial as how human consciousness works, how human motivations work, how human perceptions work, how human beings can be manipulated.

The knowledge is hidden to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold it and those who are ignorant of it, it's that simple.

The knowledge of Natural Law and its operations constitutes what I call the most deeply occulted or hidden information that exists on this planet. You will not find any more hidden information. This is the thing that all the distractions are there for to keep you from learning.