The symbols

Now, we will finish up with a few more pertinent relationships to the symbols. One, in particular, is in relationship to the other symbols of the two fishes, which is Pisces, and then the age that is coming up, beyond the year 2000. That is why we are "in the last days." Yes, the last days of Pisces. That's all. It is just that simple, we are coming into the end of an age. That is why we are going to have a new age. They changed the end of the age to the end of the world, for a mistranslation. Just as other mistranslations, they did this purposely.

However, I believe that there is going to be a new age, and it is not the one they planned for us. I think there is someone or something higher than the "high ones" of this world, and there is going to be a new way of doing things. It isn't going to include the kind of manipulation, usury, exploitation, and the kind of stuff coming down for the last two thousand years, because we cannot afford another two thousand years of this stuff. We've got to clean this stuff up! The age before Pisces was the age of Aries, the Ram. That was when the ancient Hebrews blew the Ram's horn for the beginning of the year. The ram's horn was Aries, the Ram. And out of that comes the ram, or the lamb of God. In the ancient Hebrew they put to death the lamb, because it was called the paschal lamb, the symbol for the age under Aries, the paschal lamb, or ram.

Then in the next age we have the bull, when they were worshipping the golden calf. They worshiped the sun as the golden part, and the calf was the bull, or Taurus the bull. So the golden calf represented Taurus the bull. Then we see the judgment day, when everybody is going to be brought back to life and judged, that is the judgment day. But this is ancient Egyptian, and is just another "story." There has never been a judgment day, that is just a story.

Unless you understand what the ancient Egyptians were saying, you'll never know the difference. And that is that the day that you are living right now is your judgment day. You are being judged right now, and if you understand that, then you can go on and not worry yourself sick over what is going to happen to you when you die. You are not going up to heaven with God's Son. I don't know where you are going, but you are quite likely not going up there with God's Son.

That is why today, when you get married, you get married before God. And the symbol of that God is the ring that is put on each other's fingers. The ring of Saturn. In the marriage phrases, one also begins to see what that has to do with Saturn. So when you get married, you get married with a ring, and the symbol of that God is the ring, the ring of Saturn. You're wearing God's ring. And the yarmulke was the round ring that you wear on your head, for Saturn your God. Even in the middle ages, in the temples, Catholic monks would shave their heads in a round circle, and the Hebrews, instead of doing that, would wear the yarmulke. But it all had to do with the round rings of Saturn.