Together again ...


Hi , today we will speak about the faith, is defined as the conviction to believe in what we don't see. I started with Trail Travel by integrating in my consciousness the idea to start an alternative travel due my personal freedom situation.

Paradoxically everything changes and past 30 years I'm feel blessed when I say mather and father return to live in Gran Canaria. I must be dreaming, please somebody pinch me !

At the beginning of Trail Travel proyect I was integrating in my consciousness the idea of created a travel alternative like a paradise pursuit break, it listen strange, most certainly !
I acknowledge the slender results obtained the first years stayed with me in the way to feel about the possibility to lead volunteer trips.

It was transcendental to focus on what I wanted, I thought about it at all times, I integrated it into my consciousness, I made it happen and is now when appeared in my life. You must trust in yourself because there will never be anyone better than you and only you know your way, because your path is yours and only yours.

Next destination Lanzarote next month, remember that accommodation, food and tranfer are included.

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.