Truth perception

Let's talk a little bit about the concept of what truth is, how I refer to truth in all of my work because people have a real deeply mystified concept of what truth is or what it means. So let's look at this concept.

Truth is objective. That means that it's not dependent upon the perceptions of human beings. No one wants to hear that. That is a direct assault, a direct frontal assault on the human ego, because everybody wants to hear "my perceptions are important." And we want to also believe "my perceptions are accurate."

Now, people will say, "well, what makes you say your perception of this topic is going to be accurate?" So asking people to change, I recognize it's not easy. It took me like probably about eight years of my life to do it. Most people don't want to spend a minute on creating personal change, let alone eight years. Other people hardened granite or diamond. To break them down is going to take enormous effort and work.

And most of them don't even want to do it. They've been so compressed into that hardened state that they don't even want to start. So, I realize telling people your perceptions are not what really matters; the truth isn't based upon how you perceive things, that it's independent from your perceptions, most people don't want to hear that. 

They don't want to hear that. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it, it doesn't matter whether anybody believes it, it doesn't matter whether anybody knows it, it doesn't matter whether anybody sees it, it doesn't matter whether anybody wants to see it. It's there, it's always been there, it's always going to be there.

Nothing anybody does can change what has happened. Can anybody change what has already occurred in what we call in the thinking of linear time, the past? Not one person here is capable of doing that. Let me tell you something, not one being in the entire manifested universe is capable of doing that because that which has already occurred is set in the record of the universe. Nothing can change the past- ever.

You know what can be altered? The future. In the present moment, that's exactly right. That's the only place it begins. So what Truth is, the de-mystified concept of Truth is it's simply that which already exists. It's that which has happened in the past and is happening in the present moment. The Truth does not exist in the future. When we get to those future moments and it's the present, Truth will be existent then, but not until. So, there is no such this as truth in the future. I'm not talking about the mind of god, I'm not talking about the entire reason for the existence of the universe, that's all. 

So I'm gonna give the first quote here. Do you want to believe me, do you think I'm telling you the truth, do you think I'm lying to you, and then make up your own mind?  But most people in the world think, they kind of believe they're the arbiter of truth and that's a bad place to be in, that's a very very low level of consciousness to think that if I don't believe that it's this way, it's not this way. That's the truth. So, I prefer not to see it that way means no, I want to ignore reality. I want to believe what I want to be true is the way that it already is. And this is what the new age hoax is peddling to people. So, great quote that I thought accurately sums it all up.

No such thing as objective truth, and therefore nothing about the external world and its workings can actually ever be known. Just think about that statement: it's saying no one can ever know anything, you cannot come to know anything at all, there is no such thing as knowledge. So what I would say to somebody who's following the "course in miracles," or course in solipsism, or course in acceptance of all forms of evil in this world, is: you can't know anything by reading the course in miracles because nothing can be known, you can't be sure of anything.

It's peddled by the occultists who have the knowledge of how Natural Law works and are trying to put out whatever destructive ideologies they can to get people to not understand it. Or to even go so far as to believe that nothing can be understood. Why would you bother looking into Natural Law, nothing can be known? More people are becoming solipsists or solipsistic in their beliefs, in their thought processes.