Visited to Natural Park Spain


Hello there!, you wellcome to read my blog. My name is Jordi and this is the continue the Trip Ultra Trail of the weekend wewent up to the Pyrenees and through the route we finded place to sleep.

The next day was time to enjoy healthy breakfast with my sister Elena, her boyfriend Cebo and my nephews Carla and Pablo, they live in the deep ravine between mountains. Was monday and we all had our personal daily chores, I worked this day taking photos and sharing my experience in the Ordesa & Monte Perdido National Park.

In the evening I see more people and I slept in one house with family in a very small town too. I think it's high time to back home in Gran Canaria.

I had done two routes, which of them was more spectacular, in both with their rivers, beech forests, waterfall, etc. The weather was great and the good mental and physical condition allows us to spend the whole day in the wild nature.

Next day full of new experiences that I will share such as Yoga, Trail Running, healthy food, Gastronomy Tours and family, we follow each other from Gran Canaria. Kisses !

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.