Active listening


My father is one of those people who think that you should have children in order to teach them what you learn, in the process of their growth knowless.

My sister say it´s worthy for the simple reason to give your eternal love, my mother always want to talk but she concluded draws her own conclusions by their self. I’m the only one in the family who left with Plato's theory who develops in his theorists that the philosophy of children become allows us to see the most, apreciate the infinity through our descendants.

Unforgetable for me last days when I was close to lose consciousness after listening a father parley without blinking for at least 1 an a half hour with hardly any rest, it doesn't seem that long either, it must be the lack of habit that I was showing.

One of my favorite phrases that come to me every weekend while I was spend time with my friends in Madrid was that in cities there are more people who needed to be heard than people who needed to start a pleasent conversations.

Even when I keep out satisfactorily the stress while letting myself be seduced by the relief that comes from finding a person who had enough empathy to perceive that I needed someone to take a bite of time to listen me.

Perhaps is helpful the fact that we feel identified with each other and that there is non-forced eye contact, simply perhaps because we like to focus in our eyes along a exchange of glances, I  like interpret it as a gesture of education, another thing is if we also have a conversation.

I also believe that our communicate increases the bond that it considered necessary to know how to manage emotionally if we don’t want to see ourselves imprisoned in the addiction for speak or trapped by a hypnotizing gaze.

For example, a commercial who is living thanks to his talent for showing how to communicate using the right words, giving the way to a cordial dialogue that is mistakenly labeled as boring and classified as fairground charlatans.

The funny thing is to see how in this way of win a living they preach by example for society, managing to achieve a recognized prestige by having found their vocation.

It fascinates to me enter in their conversations especially if their have a wonderful mind, at the end they always try to make the best, sadly they’re the true experts.

Of course I’m not work as a professional trade to refute their convictional arguments, they teach me grateful by giving an assertive communication as if we want to say thank for allow of them to develop their talent.

The conclusion is tremendously funny when entering fully into the topic’s thread where feedback doesn’t stop during the conversation by two or more persons who just have the simple intention to joy a good time talking among to each other in a colloquial way.