Information & Communication


In the last psychological year’s in overall level, I’m confronted face to face with the issue of make public my handwritten, successfully as a #copywriter talking about the branch that offer some tools for free, being able to hire other payment services.

I simply give another approach in my experience, this doesn’t seem that I be against to this 3 Apps that currently are installed in any mobile device. It’s work like not matter sexual, religious or any other condition. Naturally I talking about Apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. This scrupulous order is closely related to establish a chats ranking. This is possibly in Apps wo have a highest downloads registered.

I also acknowledge, “feebly” had my own up year doing for myself to be an influencer. Once time is focus in generated a large audience thought an unreal but effective method, which was productive in a fictitious way and with a high disloyal and moral content; unscrupulous bands mistake, everything is worth to stay on top. 

The lack of self-esteem maybe is one of the most reasons, another thing are perhaps the peer pressure by the society with was these means about social network communication.

Marketing is sometimes exhausting, a crop usually appears, it's not nonsense, I've analyzed it from several perspectives, in's tragic.

Share emotional thinks can play tricks on us when it comes to using common sense; I spent 3 years without seeing. I took of people uploaded photos from his Facebook profile. Weakness, strength, ignorance, dare or simply freedom.

The pandemic has brought us the unknown to be together again and I know many similar cases, I haven’t reached the point of acting out of desperation, since then I have underestimated the ambitious power and incongruous people.

In my case, were are mixes professional and personal aspects, a revolutionary concept than affect a large number of people, in short, this situation created confusion, the priority was share publications daily, it had become an obligation, like someone who has go work. Of course it's very cool, almost as cool or more than being a hero.

Now as a freelance, after the legal bussines processes, I appreciate that it’s absurd the way I want used my image like a sales claim. Needless to say what I think about put as a badge some children photos who are used as a shield and in other cases as a claim, I’m worth so much, “tell me how much you love me even it’s a lie, all in this world is completely respectable, of course.

My family's life recently go in the right track, that what it's!. Different battles doesn't always mean it's come off well, now nothing and no one curs us doing right things in love, we chose the "PioZeneca" vaccine.

We have to listen in what we believe