Social Media


Today I'm talking about a topic such a "post" in social media channel. I'm use this communication line to reflect or not my private life.

Yes, I always strive to add interest content, including stipulations for my own benefit. I must restore my creativity, what most unleashes the inspiration. At this point is where I think show up the great controversy, issues such as ego, ambition, stress, disagreement, lack of enthusiasm, etc., those stimulations that activate our neurons to keep working hard.

It's estimated by 2021 will be around 2.4 billion people on the planet active social networks users. It's a trend reflected in the increase use among young people.

Our rational system (mind) must establish limits and each case is different. Luckily or unfortunately I studied and worked on this communications line during 5 years. It's one of my passions joined with love, health, money, physical activities, family and my admiration for the power of nature that surprises me every day more.

I think that what is most unbelievable is that people who established themselves in this business to sell their lifestyle successfully.