About me


Hello my name is Jordi, you welcome to read my blog ...
I have 39 years old and I live concretely between two worlds, the perfect blend for me is have mountain in the small town Tunte (the village is simply lovely), here is where I feel protected between mountains and also under 24 km have beach in the tourist town Maspalomas where the atmosphere sometimes is more stressful, but still being a paradise. I consider myself blessed to can breathe the purest air of the planet.

I‘m from Gran Canaria by change, my parents came to life in the island just before I was born. When I reaches the adulthood, I left Gran Canaria looking forward to stay a live in the center of a great city like Madrid sharing my life with persons from different nationalities such as Japan, United States, France, Italy, Belgium, India or Korea, always to improve my English and learn more about others ways of viewing life. Against all predictions I returned 12 years later to the Gran Canaria. I´ve discovered a unique micro continent and It surprises me again and would never have imagined that my small island could hide so many treasures.

I start Trail Travel in 2013, shortly after completing the Camino de Santiago in Spain. My  passion for nature brought me to live in the mountains of Gran Canaria, in search of a healthy lifestyle, adquiring extensive experience as a mountain guide and in traditional products. Take advantage of your stay on the island to meet your wonderful people and learn to be a great traveler.

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.