Express layout


One day like today I fell in love with the most wonderful person in the world.

Eva, right now we chose to each other. I had a premonition that we should reach together a higher level, writing between us.

Now, at this precise moment, I let run my emotions flowing to this post, I put my feet underground, while I move in bus forward to the city that saw us grow up. This scenario mean, without question, the way to take our best appointments. That's mean the finish pleasant month anniversary, with a full-fledged "maqueada express". Yes, that's how it was, and then when we woke up, through the morning, we had the fortune to share the sunrise, after we make it happen the rest (not in bed).

Everything is going perfectly as usual, we even disconnected the use of mobiles. We feel privileged for all of this, and we respect everybody, of course, each one of us does what he sees fit with his life, we're doing our things the best as possible. In fact, paradoxically, become real the manifestation of sharing our lives such as 'Perfect Tandem' or 'Aladin and Jazmin'.

We also known, from the beginning, that both of us would married in peace, to blend our intellectual capacities to keep the desired mental balance by being equitable. We experienced life according to the consonance that we establish, while we improve our personal goals in many aspects. Obvious it look inevitably arrived, after respect a personal and individual space.

Love you darling. Eternally simple us.